Our Team

Our Incredible Team

Orestes A. Mirabal

Orestes A. Mirabal is the founder of Real Walk Mentoring and it is his passion to get the message of true alternatives to young males in Miami that have fallen into the judicial system; to get them back on the right track and to start leading a fulfilling life. Orestes does not want our children only to be remembered through some statistic. He wants to help create productive lives, leaders, and teachers to live for and build a better future.

Orestes was born New York, but raised in Miami. As a young boy, he lived a life where unfortunately there was the reality of domestic violence, other negative lifestyles that came through the income of illegal activities, and later as a teen becoming the member of an inner-city gang.

Real Walk Mentoring, is real talk to the kids that do not have that voice reaching them. It is through this journey that he found the passion to build an organization that will support all the youth that find themselves “lost” and that have made mistakes. They may feel their future is already “written in stone” for them and need to be told otherwise. “I have met some wonderful people in my journey thus far and some of those people are assisting me in this vision to help while managing the Board of this organization”. Through mentoring and guidance, we can turn mind sets and lives around.

Orestes works for UPS in Business Development and completed his Executive MBA at FIU in 2016, where he was honored as a recipient of the World’s Ahead Graduate Award. Orestes is currently pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Adult Education and HR Development because he sees the importance of it in his professional and philanthropic life.

South Florida Survivor: Former Drop Out Turned MBA Grad & Mentor
Hylton Landauer

Hylton Landauer is from Cape Town, South Africa, and got to experience both the apartheid regime and post-apartheid government, before moving to London, England to work in Finance for 2 years. He moved to Miami in 1997 and continues to work in Finance, and currently is the CFO of Commercial Laundries. He is a Virginia CPA and earned his Executive MBA from FIU in 2016, where he won the awards for Most Outstanding Student and Exemplary Leadership. He presently serves on the MBA Advisory Board at FIU.

He is a firm believer in Real Walk Mentoring, and has regretfully in the past not been able to dedicate enough time to give back to the community, but is now looking forward to passing on his knowledge and resources, and helping build a successful platform for our organization.

Hylton loves educating people about business and savvy decision making. He has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys traveling to foreign countries to learn about new cultures.

Jahna Jones

Jahna is currently the Human Resources Systems Supervisor for UPS’ Americas Region, where she manages their HR systems for Canada, Miami and Latin America.

In addition to this, she is the Region Community Involvement Coordinator.  In this role, she manages a $1.2M budget for grants and charitable donations throughout the region.  Additionally, along with the Community Involvement Committee to coordinate volunteer events throughout the region.  

Jahna has 5 years of experience in Finance & Accounting. Her career started in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She has managed Revenue Recovery Operations for Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and for all of the Americas Region after relocating to Miami. She also was the Financial Planning & Reporting Supervisor for the Americas Region where her responsibilities were to manage cost, forecast profit to provide insight and analysis for the annual business plan for the region.

She has a great passion for community involvement.  She has coordinated for 3 years the United Way fundraising campaign within UPS in her department in addition to the annual campaign.

Jahna is also a member of the United Way Young Leaders where she sits on the Young Leaders Executive Board.  This organization is comprised of leaders under the age of forty who raise funds and coordinate events that give back to the Miami-Dade and Broward Communities.  

Her greatest passion is Alzheimer’s Awareness.  She is currently a founding member of the Corporate Relations committee of the Southeast Florida Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. She assists in fundraising for the organization with corporate sponsors and hosts awareness training, provides council & support to caregivers.

Jahna currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a minor in Spanish language from Hampton University, and will receive her Master’s in Business Administration in June of 2017 from Indiana Wesleyan University.

Louise Paola Garcia

Louise Paola Garcia is a Business Analyst with the Customer Solutions Group at UPS. Outside of her professional ambitions Paola has other life drivers. One of those is her 9 year old daughter Laila. And the other is her passion for volunteerism.

Paola is a Community Partner with the Feeding South Florida Organization, Community Action Team for The Lodge Inc. a domestic violence women’s shelter, she has also partnered with the United Way to become a certified reader for the Reading-Pals program, and is a chairperson for the Women’s Leader Committee who partake in various community enrichment initiatives.

She has been the United Way Campaign organizer for her business unit at UPS for 2 consecutive terms.

Paola feels that the true meaning of our lives comes from the good that we do for others and while we are alive the impact that we make on the world.

Larry Nicolas

Larry Nicolas is a native of New Jersey and has lived in South Florida for almost 15 years.  He graduated from Barry University and is currently pursuing an MBA from there as well.

A proud Haitian American, he is an entrepreneur who owns his own business, supplying Haitian goods to area grocery stores and restaurants.

He has joined Real Walk in an effort to mentor and build up young men to achieve their personal and professional goals. He enjoys sports, music, travel and reading.

Yoker Vidal

Yoker Vidal was born in Cuba. He left with his family to Costa Rica when he was one years old, and moved to the US a year later. The oldest of four boys, Yoker is married to an amazing wife who is a teacher and has two young daughters, Isabella and Brianna.

He has a passion for business and real estate deals. When he is not traveling or entertaining clients, he is out doing something that is real estate related. Yoker has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Devry University. He has worked for Copart, Inc. for 12 years, a global car salvage auction company where he is currently the Senior Director for Sales Operations.

He has always enjoyed being involved with various charity organizations and efforts, he has lead on campaigns for United Ways’ Young Leaders, Relay for Life, and is currently a co-chair for an annual charity event that sends the Christmas experience to kids struck with poverty in rural Cuba. He has been co-chairing in this event for last six years, every year reaching more and more kids, additionally he co-sponsors four handicap kids in Cuba, sending monthly funds to maintain special medications and equipment for these children.  

Yoker plans to use his networking skills and contacts to help in the fundraising aspect of Real Walk Mentoring.